Customers and capabilities of the project

Who are your customers and what are the capabilities? Is the focus only on Robotics?

Our focus on IoT market, but the future is autonomous robotics as a services. To better understand what benefits can bring Robonomics for your project I recommend you to read this pretty book by our illustrator Anna -

Iot market today focus on sensors and small devices, but the last couple of year showed that today and tomorrow most important questions on IoT market will be - how we can connect cyber-physical systems to customer applications - from software architecture perspective that is different then to connect many sensors to analytics in cloud. And we found that web3 tech best what can to use in case when want to make drone delivery services in city or smart chargers for autopilot cars for example.

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If there is a focus within the IoT market for the concepts presented in the white paper then the network can grow massively. The issue as I see it is the IoT is not a market but a lot of markets that need specific advice from subject matter experts/industry expects in the specific industry that the IoT is applied to. It is interesting to look at General Electrics (GE) IoT - Network of Industry around 10 years ago ( . If only they had what Robonomics has and Robonomics hasn’t have the deep knowledge of the industries that GE has. The Railway industry is an excellent example. If these strengths could be combined then that would be the basis for massive growth.