Mastering Mars Rover connection

Hi guys!

My name is Ashraf, I am a Computer Engineering student at the National University of Singapore!

Recently I managed to connect a Mars Curiosity Rover and decided to share my thoughts and experience on this process. As the whole process is stated on the wiki page, I won’t rewrite it here, but will share some problems I had with connecting the Rover. I attach the link for those who have not seen it yet:

The process is not that easy for those who never worked with robotics frameworks, but if you devote some time into it - you will do it.

This is the trouble I had with connecting and managed to solve, hope that will help you to run your own simulation.

I managed to catkin build the ros packages and started a local network on the robonomics portal. Then I needed to copy the address and key into the config.config file after creating an account and I couldn’t get the address from the downloaded file. Then I figured that when you create an account on the portal, there is a window “seed frase”, and a side menu, where you have to change to “raw seed” and then you will get a line of code, and this will be your secret key. This took me some time to figure and I hope my post will be helpful.

I loved the concept of integrating blockchain into robots and decided to do my finals with

Am I the only one who faced this problem?

What shall I do to launch my own simulations?

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Dear Adam,

In the Curiosity tutorial there is a link to another manual describing account creation process. There is a text in bold there notifying user to save raw seed of the created account.

Seed. Each transaction must be signed by account’s unique seed. It has two forms: Mnemonic (human-readable) and Raw (a sequence of digits and letters). Change Mnemonic to Raw and copy the seed. It’s very important to store it somewhere securely since secret seeds are used for transactions in Robonomics IO module. If you have created an account before, you can insert its secret seed here to restore its balance and history.

Pavel Tarasov

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