Problem with running KUKA Manipulator

Hello, I have got problems with running KUKA manipulator using this link. I have created a local node Parachain account with name of KUKA and WORK using raw seed account (to get key and address). Also I have executed the KUKA manipulator via these commands:

roslaunch manipulator_gazebo manipulator_empty_world.launch
rosrun manipulator_gazebo move_arm_server

Also I have changed the and add my KUKA and WORK key & address.

But when I want to run move_arm_client node, I will encounter this problem:

Can anyone help me? Is there a problem with Parachain acounts I have created?

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Hello, masoud.iranmehr
Try to remove db directory before creating robonomics network via this command:

rm -rf /home/$USER/.local/share/robonomics/chains/dev/db

This message may appear in the end, but manipulator will move.


Thanks for your solution. That worked for me. :grinning: