PromoTeam - Funding request. Check the series of cool videos created in collaboration with the Robonomics core team

Hi Everyone ! This is Alex from PromoTeam you may know us for our Hot Dot News, Dot Features and other activities in Polkadot community

We are fans of Robonomics also and we create the series of cool videos in collaboration with the core team , you can check the results here: - Interview with Vadim | Robot-as-a-Service |future Parachain of Polkadot |Questions and answers - What is Robonomics ? | Weather on Fuji mountain | IPFS pubsub channel | Robotic smart contracts

Pls check it , like it, subscribe and spread the word…

Our production costs of this series is about 1k$ It contain - preproduction (idea, scenario, casting, texts, readings and so on) , production (recording, graphics, audio and video editing), postproduction(youtube,analisys) and promotion (tweets, telegram,PromoTeam resources, more than 2-3k total audiense )

We ask Robonomics community to support our work by XRT which will be divided between 3 involved professionals. If you fill our costs it will be great , if you add more - it will be cool also.We are going to be involved in other Robonomics activities, so we need tokens to operate.

We work for the community and want to be rewarded by the community. It is a cool story for all ecosystem.


Dear Alex,

Thank you for the produced content, it’s really something!
We appreciate your contribution and use your materials in our advertising campaigns to increase awareness of Robonomics Network & Pokladot PromoTeam.

We’ll definitely cover your expenses!
Also, we’d love to offer you a grant for creating new videos about the Robonomics Wiki, similar to Fuji case.

I’ve got an admin status in the Robonomics DAO treasure. Thus, the payout process will be conducted through me.

I’ll contact you regarding the payout and further collaboration.

Thank you for your contribution!

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Its great! We are fans of Robonomics, so we deffinetly ready to contribute more! And we have a lot of ideas not only video.

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