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I have a proposal that could potentially greatly increase engagement and generate activity for any members who happen to be from Nigeria (or really anywhere else in Africa). My impression is that if they are not already; they will within 5 years be the blockchain and crypto capital of the world. There are countless numbers of young aspiring developers, community managers, anything and everything in between.

Blockchain is gaining traction fast in Nigeria is because its young and tech-savvy population is showing an eagerness to learn more about Web3.0, and decentralized solutions, perfectly aligning with the goals of Robonomics.

Due to many different unfortunate circumstances, like an inflationary national currency, P2P trading is extremely common and crypto is most used for payments and remittances. All these factors have inspired Nigerian regulators to urgently adopt blockchain solutions recently.
Two major federal agencies dedicated to the growth of tech and digital economies have collaborated to produce a draft of what total national blockchain adoption might look like here.

Similarly to AKoin, a project that intends to build smart cities throughout Africa to address some of the issues I addressed earlier, it is extremely clear there is a demand for Robonomics services and perhaps some for of collaboration would be possible. That’s another discussion.

In conclusion, Africa is the central hub for innovation within crypto, as well as being one of the fastest emerging continents in terms of technological development . It’s certain there will be people interested in the project and to be part of our community, but I think it’s also likely there are plenty of people who would want to build on top of Robonomics. Regardless, everyone who I’ve met in crypto from Nigeria is always focused on trying to add value to projects, making them often some of the best team members to work with.

I can speak to this personally, as I’d like to propose my friend Sharif to be the dedicated African Ambassador. He has a proven track record of inspiring his peers and building extremely succesful community channels.

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Kev @defidarby , thank you for sharing your idea with us. For now, we don’t need the Nigerian Community, because we have our main Robonomics Network channel: I don’t see any reason to run it right now.
Let’s come back to this conversation next year.

Anyway, thank you for your time and your ideas!