Who uses robonomics

Where has Robonomics Network already been implemented? Are there any companies using AIRA and Robonomics Network?

Hi @nakata532 . This is Sergei, a software architect of the Robonomics project. Our team is R&D and we focus on economy of robots concepts research, Robonomics platform development and laboratory and in the fileds testing. In the last 5 years we did a lot of R&D projects https://wiki.robonomics.network/docs/r-and-d-based-on-robonomics-network/ and finished with several partnetrs pilot projects around industrial cases, enviromental obligations market and sensors networks building in cities. But we just cross the line of innovation maturity this year (like i guess most part of blockchain space community), your technologies still young and we need a couple of years to finilaze functionality of platform and after we will see much more interesting outside lab.

From the above link where would I find more information about you and the team’s Research and development on - 3. Tokenization of data from IoT devices ?