You need to do some presentation

ik your tech game is solid but…

Your site looks like you guys cant make a good looking site how will you make robots on blockchain. It’s not a good impression. just hire a web designer/content writer for like 500 bucks they’ll do a 1000% better job than whatever it is now

you dont have to worry about marketing that’s what twitter is for but if your landing page is trash its never gonna work. you need to rebrand and add a mascot animal or food preferably japanese.

i know you dont want hype but free money never hurts it will boost your RnD by 100x.

Also create a discord nobody uses riot ik privacy but just create a discord never hurts. if you want someone to create i’ll create it for free. just rebrand ffs.

Tldr: Just rebrand

Interesting feedback lol

I think the website looks fine.