Community Board Process

Hello! I appreciate that you want to create a new community for Robonomics Network and run it in your native language to tell the local audience how our technology works.

We have already run a few channels in Telegram, so check them out:

  1. :robot:Official Robonomics Network community in English @robonomics

  2. :ru:Russian Community @RobonomicsRU

  3. :es:Spanish Community @RobonomicsESP

  4. :fr:French community @RobonomicsFR

  5. :money_with_wings:XRT Traders Community

To avoid scammers and not to spread our team’s attention, we have created a simple process of how to do it. So, let me explain to you a few steps to run a new channel for us.

Step №1: Application

First of all, we will ask you to create a new topic about the new community in Discourse. It must include:

  • what community management experience do you have;
  • why do we need this local community;
  • what exactly you want to do as a community admin (promo, the materials translation, invitation of the local ambassadors, etc.);
  • tag @DianaKing and @YSjk8

Step №2: Test

When you have got the approval from someone mentioned above, you need to pass a test: to translate a short intro for your future community. The text for translation is available here.

For the review: post it in Discourse in your topic thread. We will check the level of your language shortly with the native speaker and give feedback to you. If you pass the test, you could move to the next step.

Step №3: first tasks

We will create the Telegram group chat and give you a role as a Community Admin.

You need to complete the next tasks:

  • add Captcha Bot;
  • publish Intro post and pin it;
  • share some useful links in English with the community;
  • make a few posts in our official Telegram channels;
  • make a topic about the new group chat in Discourse (example).

Information about the reward system

  • 1-3 steps completed = 1-3 XRT
  • first 50 people in the group = $50 in XRT (after acquiring first 50 real and active community members - official announcement: adding the link in Combot intro at our main English community)
  • translation = $100 in XRT per unique article
  • writing = discussed in person
  • bonus for cool people engagement = discussed in person
  • moderation fee = discussed in person

If you have any questions or have any ideas to discuss, feel free to reach me via Telegram @dianatheking.